Moshik Roth’s compound: The Maldives arrived in Israel


About two months ago, we first unveiled the project of Moshik Roth and his rehabilitation partners here in May in the Sharon region. This is a ballroom that will also include 20 bungalows in the style of the Maldives with private pools, another large pool and lots of other surprises. The event complex will be called KAHI.

In talks with Roth and his partners Manny Herman and Benny Nuri, they say the first wedding is expected to take place in June, but the venue will open for lecture as early as May next year,

The wedding in the prestigious complex also includes accommodation in all 20 bungalows on the water, about 50 guests will be able to enjoy accommodation in the complex after the event, breakfast and only after they recover, leave the place and return to the houses. Whoever will of course be on site and be in charge of all the dishes will be Chef Moshik Roth.

Among the dishes will be a Persian-style head meat stew, lamb chop on stuffed red cabbage, whole fish cooked in salt dough and one of the dishes that characterize the chef adorned with two Michelin stars – Salvador Dali’s lips, which is actually a goose liver dish with raspberries and other surprises. Event guests will enjoy eight dishes with no choice.

Moshik Roth's famous dish - Salvador's lips // Photo: p"צ

And how much does all the pleasure cost? The starting price will be NIS 650 per person, later the price is expected to increase, but as mentioned, it will also include the accommodation, accommodation before and after the wedding. It will be possible to hold events between 200 and 1,000 people. It will not be possible to rent the hall without the bungalows and vice versa, so in order to vacation in Israel as in the Maldives you will have to get married.


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