Ministry starts campaign against internship discrimination


Not getting an internship because of your last name, or getting hurtful comments during the internship: internship discrimination is still common and that is why the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science is starting a campaign today to make employers, schools and students aware of the problem.

‘How frustrating is it when it is difficult to find an internship because of your last name? And not once or twice, but fifteen times. It still happens too often, ‘says Minister Van Engelshoven. ‘Sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously. In any case, that is unacceptable. Because you break a dream, you give young people of 16 or 17 years old the feeling that there is no place for them in society. ‘

Personal stories

The personal stories of students who have experienced internship discrimination should reinforce the message of the Ministry. The stories are mainly spread on social media. Schools, employers and students can turn to the platform for help.

In the campaign against internship discrimination, the ministry works together with trade unions, VNO-NCW and the MBO Council, among others.


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