Ministry of Health: This is how you will safely consume vitamin D.


Against the background of reports that there is concern about the consumption of vitamin D, the ministry clarifies that the vitamin can be consumed – the lack of which is felt mainly in the ultra-Orthodox sector – safely and without concern.

There is nothing to worry about, but it should be taken according to the guidelines: The Ministry of Health today issued a special announcement to the ultra-Orthodox public, in which it is clarified that a number of studies conducted around the world have found that vitamin D Effective in reducing the risk of acute respiratory infections, which helps to deal with, among other things, the corona virus. Lack of vitamin D Common in Israel and common among the ultra-Orthodox public in particular. The publicity comes on the back of reports that some experts claim that excessive intake of the vitamin may cause health damage.

The office emphasizes that fortunately, a vitamin can be consumed D Using foods rich in it like fish (tilapia, trout) and vitamin-enriched products. As well as exposing the skin, and the arms to the sun for a cumulative 20 minutes a day with sunscreen, will also provide the required daily intake.

How much should be consumed? According to Prof. Ronit Andwalt, director of the nutrition department at the Ministry of Health, the recommended doses during the corona period: for people who are normal weight – 800-1,000 IU per day, for people who are overweight – 2,000 IU per day, for people who are obese – 4,000 IU per day.

The recommendation is to take the drops on a daily basis, rather than once a week. The Nutrition Department also emphasizes that the recommended dose should not be exceeded, but only with the advice of a doctor or dietitian.

When purchasing a vitamin preparation D In drops in a pharmacy pay attention to the concentration of vitamin present in the drop. There are preparations in different concentrations, and it is recommended that you ask the pharmacist for clear instructions – regarding the number of drops required.

Despite the ability to consume vitamin supplementation, Prof. Andwalt states that “the best way to maintain immune function and good health is a proper and healthy diet based on the Creator’s food, food that is close to healthy, natural and unprocessed. Such nutrition is essential for proper immune function and risk reduction. To get sick with many diseases, including diseases that are caused by viruses and maintaining a healthy and normal weight. “


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