Minister Verlinden: “We will not see any relaxation before Christmas” | Inland


Minister of the Interior Annelies Verlinden (CD&V) says today in ‘De Zevende Dag’ that we will not see any relaxation before Christmas. The minister also emphasizes that the police will continue to monitor lockdown parties.

“I can’t forbid people to meet up with four outside if they respect the distance. We don’t make measures to differentiate between people, but because some things are dangerous. Hosting a lot of people in your house is a risk. People chat and maybe stop for a while. In small spaces that are not well ventilated, this can cause transmission. It’s annoying, but we can’t let go of this. ”

The minister clarified that we will not see any more relaxation before Christmas. “It has already asked a lot, but we will have to keep it up for a while. We have created a system in which we can properly monitor the figures. We are not yet at the necessary thresholds at Christmas. It is a permanent evaluation. I must honestly say that we will see more relaxation before Christmas. ” Verlinden also emphasizes that we must act in solidarity. “You have to act as if you yourself could be a spreader of the virus. We must all get rid of this as soon as possible. If we limit contacts, it will go faster. Hopefully we will then have flexibility within a few weeks. ”

“The police are already checking curfews and lockdown parties today. It will remain so, ”explains Verlinden. In response to the Jewish wedding this week, Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) said that “we should not stigmatize groups”. Minister Verlinden emphasizes that “every party is equally bad”. “The rules apply to everyone. There are no good reasons for breaking the rules. The rules have been taken to save the population from risks. ”

Relaxation abroad

Many people reacted disappointed after the Consultation Committee’s press conference. After all, various relaxations are announced abroad in connection with the holidays. “Relaxation was an important wish within my party. I thought it was important too. I would have liked it. Not so long ago we were champion in the bad grades. We were able to avoid a catastrophe in the nick of time. Everyone is looking for a balanced balance. ”

“It is up to the federal government and the Consultation Committee to see what is feasible from a virological point of view,” she continues. “We do not distinguish between people and regions, but we do choose the measures that are necessary. I know there are more things that can be done abroad. We will still have to see what consequences that has. Canada celebrated Thanksgiving in November and saw an increase in numbers. ”

Situation Brussels and Bruges

Many people came to Bruges and Brussels yesterday to see the light spectacle. “We ask a lot of people, but those images are not really beneficial,” says Verlinden. “It is primarily up to the mayor to maintain order. As a federal minister, I cannot do that well. We do have permanent consultations. It can be organized if it can be done safely. In Bruges it takes 41 days. People can go later. ” In the meantime, it became known that the winter glow light spectacle will not take place in Bruges tonight and next weekend. This has been decided by the city after consultation with the organization and the police.

In addition, Verlinden emphasizes that sporadic checks will take place at the borders. “The police will check whether the Passenger Locator Form has been completed. The first wave was partly caused by returning from vacation. We are not going to close the borders, but we are going to focus on controls, ”it says.

Police brutality

Finally, the minister expresses her dissatisfaction with the violence against the police, ambulators and firefighters. “This is unacceptable. I will take the initiative to amend the law, whereby ambulance drivers and firefighters can submit a complaint anonymously. That is still an obstacle now, because one can feel targeted. I would also like to say that the intention is not to delay or make procedures more complex. I will do everything I can to introduce zero tolerance and stop violence. ”


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