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Officers Yosef Bar and Avi Ozeri, who filed a lawsuit in the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court against DIP, recently replaced the lawyers who represent them, and are now represented by Adv. Vered Cohen and Adv. Raanan Bar-On.

Attorneys Bar-On and Cohen have recently filed an amended statement of claim, in the name of Bar and Ozeri, in the millions, and requested that the case be transferred to the court’s jurisdiction. District in Tel Aviv.

The lawsuit was filed after DIP filed an indictment against Bar and Ozeri and they were acquitted of it outright! The Beersheba District Court not only acquitted Bar and Ozeri, but also severely criticized DIP in the acquittal.

As the court wrote in its judgment: “In light of the case before me in relation to the conduct of the unit investigating the DIP in this investigation, as detailed above, I find it appropriate to order that a copy of the judgment be forwarded to the Attorney General, to bring it to his attention. “The investigating unit, DIP, was placed under guard over the police and its conduct. From the evidence before me in relation to this investigation, a picture emerges that raises the need for guarding even of those who were in charge of the guard.”

Now, in their lawsuit The civilian, Filed in court in Tel Aviv, attorneys Bar-On and Cohen, in the name of Bar and Ozeri, are demanding monetary compensation in the millions of shekels for the damages caused to them – both bodily injuries and financial damages allegedly caused to them by DIP.

Bar was the head of a detective team at the Be’er Sheva police station. My assistant was a detective coordinator at the station. Several years ago, they were arrested and questioned by DIP on suspicion of assaulting a suspect. The allegations against Bar and Ozeri were clarified in the Beersheba District Court, and in its ruling, the court ruled that Shabar and Ozeri never committed the acts attributed to them.

The court sharply criticized in its ruling the conduct of DIP, which filed the indictment against Bar and Ozeri.

In the lawsuit filed today by attorneys Vered Cohen and Raanan Bar-On on behalf of Bar and Ozeri, the attorneys described how DIP’s concern “produced” an indictment, led to the plaintiffs’ arrest, dragged the plaintiffs into a painful, expensive and exhausting process, caused them For heavy expenses and irreversible damage to both their good name and their souls.

DIP also defamed the police officers of the Basel unit in Beersheba, including the prosecutors, called them a criminal organization, claiming that they were criminals and threatened to disband “this organization” (the police station in Beersheba).

Attorneys Bar-On and Cohen describe in the indictment how DIP sewed a case for Bar and Ozeri, when it decided to file an indictment at all costs. DIP threatened Bar and Ozeri with a variety of threats. For example, when she learned of the abortions that Ozeri’s wife had undergone, DIP threatened him that his wife would abort the fetus, that he would be fired from the police, that he would have no job and no livelihood, that he would not provide food for his children. More. Bar threatened DIP that he would “eat cock”, never have a police officer again; he would give up without a livelihood, and all his money would go to lawyers, and called him, a police officer on duty, “crippled in the head.” . At the same time, the leak to the media in order to create pressure on the bar and assistants.

Lawyers Bar-On and Cohen claim that in order to break Bar’s spirit, Bar (then – head of the detective team, known to the area’s criminals) was thrown into one detention cell with criminals and members of minorities, in a way that endangered his life. DIP further abused the plaintiffs by freezing them in the bitter cold, in the air conditioner it left on a freezing cold, on the cold Jerusalem nights anyway. DIP prevented the plaintiffs from eating, drinking, taking breaks from interrogation and medical treatment.

In addition, attorneys Bar-On and Cohen described in the indictment how DIP used Bar’s wife (also a policewoman at the station), and abused her in a series of various, pointless and pointless investigations, all of which were intended to create additional pressure on Bar, to humiliate him. And to break his spirit. This, even though DIP knew that at the relevant times Bar’s wife was on maternity leave, and did not work at the station at all.

Attorneys Bar-On and Cohen cited in the indictment the severe rulings made by the Beersheba District Court, which acquitted Bar and the assistants of the indictment, and ruled that DIP violated its duty to document the investigations, and held corridor talks, “services talks” and “b. Cigarette breaks “, away from any documentation!

Attorneys Bar-On and Cohen described in the indictment how DIP “stitched” the indictment against Bar and his assistants step by step. Thus, the attorneys described how DIP wrote false memos, contaminated evidence and caused false testimony, how it handled MH. “Conflicts” but banned Bar and Ozeri from talking about them, and how she used violence when they tried to respond. DIP researchers performed an improper identification order to create a result of “identification”; and more.

As attorneys Bar-On and Cohen argued in the indictment – instead of acting as an objective body that examines the facts and selects them, DIP acted as an unrestrained “thug”, provocatively and with only one goal: to destroy the plaintiffs.

In the lawsuit, Bar and assistants are suing for millions of shekels for their damages – mental disability and bodily injuries caused to them, including loss of earnings and pension losses, as well as compensation for publishing the defamation and for the enormous mental anguish caused to them.

A letter of defense has not yet been filed.

Attorneys Vered Cohen and Raanan Bar – On, of Bar – On, Cohen, Adv., Which is ranked as a leading law firm in Israel, including litigation – litigation in the court, family law and insurance and tort law, including medical malpractice.


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