Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive VR support in December 2020 and a UK World Update in 2021


Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive VR support on December 22, 2020 and a substantial UK World Update is ready on January 26, 2021.

During an official Microsoft Flight Simulator developer Q&A on Twitch, it was revealed that VR will be added in the free Sim Update 2 for all major VR headsets, including those from Oculus and Valve. Plus, the VR experience includes gameplay as well as menus, giving you a smooth and immersive experience throughout.

World Update 3, on the other hand, will create a more accurate view of the UK using new data and aerial photos for England, Scotland and Wales. There will also be 50-60 new focal points, including new landmarks and procedural buildings, and improvements to certain existing airports such as Land’s End, Liverpool EGGP and Manchester Baron. There will be new challenges and also a new flight.

Improvements to the Northern Ireland region are part of Asobo’s plan, but it may not be ready for World Update 3 yet.

The UK World Update will follow similar updates for Japan and the US, and will further improve the already impressive world map for players to fly around. Additionally, Asobo said it will return to the US in future world updates and improve Hawaii, Alaska and other locations.


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