Megan Merkel has revealed an abortion, Buckingham Palace declined to comment


Megan MerkelPhoto: Gettyimages

Megan Merkel She did what she knows best to do this morning (Wednesday), and shocked the world when she published an opinion piece in the New York Times, in which she revealed that she had an abortion last July. “While holding my eldest son, I knew I was losing the other,” she wrote, asking readers to care more about each other. If at Buckingham Palace they bothered to read the column, they probably did not make it to the end, because none of the royalty commented publicly and the only message that came out was laconic and a version that there would be no response “since this is a very personal matter”.

But sources from the palace have revealed that the royal family does have feelings, despite the blue blood. “There is a sense of sadness among the family,” a source told People magazine, and another reinforced his remarks, saying “this is understandable sadness.” The media turned toPrince Charles In response, however, an official spokesman for the Prince of Wales declined to comment.

beautiful family.  Prince Harry, Merkel and Archie (Photo: Gettyimages)

beautiful family. Prince Harry, Merkel and ArchiePhoto: Gettyimages

It is he who has chosen to address the painful loss suffered by the Dukes of Sussex Charles Spencer, Harry’s uncle – brother of the late princess Diana. Spencer was interviewed for the morning show Lorraine, saying: “It’s so sad. I can not imagine the suffering and anguish involved in losing a child in this way. It’s really so sad and I totally agree with you,” he turned to the interviewer, adding: “Our thoughts are with them this day.”

Charles Spencer Responds to Megan Merkel’s Abortion (Credit: From the Lorraine Morning Show)

As mentioned, in a revealing and uncharacteristic opinion column for the British monarchs, the Duchess revealed earlier today that she had an abortion last summer, and remembered in the morning that it had happened, while she was swaddling her eldest son earthly, And suddenly felt a sharp contraction. “I fell to the floor with him, in his arms, humming a lullaby to keep us both calm. The cheerful melody was in stark contrast to the feeling that I had something wrong. I knew, while holding my eldest son, that I was losing the other.”

Merkel said that a few hours later she was already on a hospital bed, with Prince Harry by her side, holding her hand. “I felt his hand grip me and I kissed his knuckles, which were wet from the tears of both of us. I stared at the white walls and tried to imagine how we were both healed. As I sat in a hospital bed, watching my husband whose heart was broken, trying to hold my shattered parts, I realized First: ‘Are you okay? Are we okay?’ “.

Our heart is with you.  Prince Harry and Megan Merkel (Photo: Gettyimages)

Our heart is with you. Prince Harry and Megan MerkelPhoto: Gettyimages


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