Mayor Yaakov Edri is suspected of sexual offenses


Serious criminal case in Or Akiva: Today (Wednesday) it was announced that Mayor Yaakov Edri, who is suspected of accepting bribes, is also suspected of sexual offenses and violence.

Edri was arrested on November 10 and since then his detention has been extended by the court four times at the request of the police. Today is the fifth hearing on a request for an extension of detention.

Earlier this month, it was made public that the mayor is suspected of corruption offenses. Edri denied what was attributed to him and claimed through his associates that this was an attempt to harm him politically. Edri did not respond to questions and then claimed that “this is a day that is very difficult for him.”

According to the police in the first hearing, Edri heads a criminal hierarchy and the investigation took place over a long period, during which evidence was gathered linking him to the acts. The secret material was presented to the court, and the judge before extending his detention justified the decision, among other things, on suspicion that Edri “allegedly heads the criminal hierarchy for a series of acts committed over a long period. Some of the material presented strengthens some of the suspicions.”


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