Marvel’s Avengers has only cost money


Releasing the game Marvel’s Avengers hadn’t exactly been a financial super decision. So it appears now.

The Marvel superhero movies have been an incredible success, all of them. It is therefore not a very bad idea to invent peripheral products around it. For example a cool action game. No sooner said than done. Square Enix set to work on the development of Marvel’s Avengers. In retrospect, that project turned out to be disappointing.

IGN delved into Square Enix’s financial reports and made an interesting discovery. The company recorded a loss of no less than $ 67 million in the last quarter. Marvel’s Avengers did not become the success the company had hoped for. Sales were disappointing. Ultimately, the company hopes that they will break even with additional content for the game. The development of the game will not have been cheap either, think for example of the money they had to pay for the license from Marvel.

For example, if you take the Metacritic figures of Marvel’s Avengers for the PlayStation 4, you end up with a given figure of 5 of the gamers who played the game. That is a big fail, which does not exactly motivate others to buy the game.


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