Martin Hongla did not feel like talking about the match against Ostend – football news


If there are any footballers who need tips on how to get back to the bus quickly when they have been appointed to speak to the press, they may want to consult Martin Hongla. The Antwerp midfielder has an effective remedy for this.

We think it is still the intention to discuss the match at a press conference after the game, but Hongla had not understood it that way. Before even one question could be asked, he gave his own analysis. “That match is over, that’s the past. We shouldn’t talk too much about that,” said the Cameroonian.

Half the press room with wide eyes and a dent afterwards. “What should we ask him then? How’s home?” He was accompanied by Abdoulaye Seck, who was also not in great favor. “It wasn’t bad. We played well, but we should have had three points.” Thank you and goodbye…


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