Martien Meiland is well on her way to become the most annoying celebrity


A great achievement, because it is less than two years ago that Martien made his comeback on Dutch television. Although many Dutch people enjoy his statements and screams, there are apparently also a lot of Dutch people who are already fed up with him. In any case, it gives him a prominent place in the list of ‘Most Annoying Celebrities in a Commercial’ that Radar composed.

Martien has been nominated for his advertisement with the Vriendenloterij Bingo. “The SBS audience rating cannon is a lot on television and this commercial too: ‘When you turn on the TV, you see him again with his annoying voice’ and ‘if he wins, I will also watch the award ceremony on’ mute ‘”, reads the commentary on the castle owner.

Whether Martien also wins the prize for Most Irritant Celebrities can be seen in the Radar-broadcast from November 30. Other nominees are Paul Haenen (PriceWise), Andy van der Meijde (Toto), Mark Rietman (ABN Amro) and Thomas Acda and Sergio Romero IJssel (Lidl).

It is not the first time that Martien has been nominated for something. “I have one foot in the grave and yet I am in the last three as a talent”, he said about the nomination for the Televizier-Ster Talent awards.


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