Marko provides details about the parameter of the Verstappen exit clause


It is now clear that Max Verstappen can leave Red Bull Racing if they cannot offer him a competitive car. But what exactly is meant by ‘competitive’? Helmut Marko clarifies this Formula 1 while also discussing what the current status is after the discussions around a possible freeze of the engine regulations.

‘This is relatively easy to determine’, says Marko when asked how they measure competitiveness in tangible value. ‘We now know roughly how much horsepower the engines of Mercedes and Ferrari generate. In principle, these values ​​are between fifteen and twenty PK apart. ‘ Based on the quantity output that supply the engines of the competition, they therefore determine in Verstappen’s camp what is sufficient to meet the contract requirements.

Marko talks about possible leveling engine performance

Now that it is clear that Honda will leave Formula 1 after 2021, many questions are open. In an attempt to answer this, a meeting was scheduled after the Portuguese Grand Prix to discuss how Red Bull should move forward after the withdrawal of Honda. One option was to freeze the engine changes from 2022 so that Red Bull could take over Honda’s engine division. However, support for this plan was lacking from Renault and Ferrari.

The main reason for this is that these two suppliers are currently significantly behind on power compared to Mercedes. So they would keep this disadvantage for years when the engine changes are now canceled. The solution? A leveling of engine performance. The teams could thus participate in the new era of Formula 1 on an equal footing. However, this plan again met a defense from Mercedes.

Marko: ‘The Ferrari engine is currently lagging a bit behind, but I assume that they will catch up on the rest soon. In addition, we are talking about a freezing of the engine regulations. This means that a leveling will take place via fuel flow meters and the like. In general, we are on the right track. ‘ However, this plan stands or falls with the support of Mercedes. (Photo: Red Bull Content Pool / Getty Images)


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