Mandatory masks will really take effect from Tuesday: fine is 95 euros


Now it is still an urgent advice, but from 1 December you will no longer get away with it if you do not wear a mouth mask in a public indoor space. This applies to everyone from the age of 13.

‘Can’t See Heaven’

Public indoor spaces are all spaces where you ‘cannot see the sky’. Think of: shops, museums, restaurants, theaters and concert halls. But also stations and airports. If you are in such a room: put on a mask. If you are sitting on a chair, the cap can be removed. If you go to the toilet in between, the mouth mask has to be put on again.

For those who have forgotten: the non-medical face masks must cover both the mouth and nose. In education, too, the face mask must be worn when teachers and students walk through the building. He can then take it off during class.


There are exceptions. Sex workers and anyone who visits a place of worship do not need a mask. A mouth mask is also not mandatory at work in offices, but employers can draw up rules.

General practitioners and physiotherapists are also exempt from the duty.

The obligation also does not apply to people who cannot wear a mouth mask due to a disability or illness. Nor does it have to be worn for sports, acting, musical rehearsals or performances and giving interviews on radio and TV.

Cut the pass

Today was the last day that the House of Representatives could stop the introduction of the duty. The Party for the Animals and Member of Parliament Wybren van Haga had still filed motions to cut off the masking obligation, but they did not receive sufficient support.

The House still had concerns about the practical implementation of the duty. For example, SP Member of Parliament Maarten Hijink wants to know when the duty can be lifted and that the mask is mandatory.

‘Unambiguous rules’

Hijink also believes that there should be ‘unambiguous support and rules’ for people who cannot wear a mouth mask because of a disability or illness.

Both proposals were supported by a majority of the House. The mouth caps duty will apply for at least three months. A mouth mask has been compulsory for months on public transport.


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