Maastricht UMC + launches ‘#weeslief’ campaign


As of today, Maastricht UMC + is starting the #weeslief campaign. In the words: ‘We take care of it. I for you. You for me ‘, visitors, patients and employees will be welcomed at the entrances of the Maastricht hospital in the coming weeks. It will also receive the necessary attention on social media. The campaign emphasizes the hospital that everyone has a responsibility to avert the corona crisis. Maastricht UMC + reports this.

The corona crisis is causing increasing tensions in society. Hospital care is under pressure and measures taken sometimes cause misunderstanding. Also in Maastricht UMC + tensions are expressed that sometimes lead to undesirable behavior and verbal (and sometimes even physical) aggression against employees. “However, we cannot and must not tolerate this,” says Helen Mertens, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Aggression not permissible

Various measures are used at Maastricht UMC + to prevent the spread of the corona virus as much as possible. Visitors and patients are asked, among other things, to wear a mouth and nose mask, to respect the visitors policy and of course to guarantee the 1.5 meter measure. “Above all, we want to limit the number of movements in the hospital as much as possible to reduce the risk of spreading,” says Mertens. “That may well meet with incomprehension. That frustration is understandable, but aggression, in whatever form, is simply not permissible. Together we have a responsibility to prevent the spread of the corona virus.”

By: Nationale Zorggids


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