Long queues, inspectors and Black Friday celebrations: The malls pilot has set off


The people of Israel have been waiting for the malls to open as part of the malls pilot – and arrived this morning (Friday) at the entrance to the shopping complexes that are celebrating the return to activity against the backdrop of Black Friday sales.

Most of the stores in the Ayalon Mall in Ramat Gan were open this morning, with the exception of the Zara Group, whose branches will open this coming Sunday. Since up to ten customers are allowed to enter the stores, long queues of shoppers have been created outside the branches of many chains, such as Fox, which opened its branches as early as 07:00, H&M and even Roldin. Across the malls, inspectors patrolled and videotaped as customers maintained the constant distance between them in the corona guidelines.

H&M customers at the Seven Stars Mall, this morning

The eager anticipation for the malls to open caused Sarit Ben Moshe from Holon to arrive at the Ayalon Mall at 07:00. “I arrived at the mall with my daughter and we bought pajamas, winter clothes and gifts. At 06:30 in the morning I was updated on the list of malls that went up in the lottery. No mall was chosen in the Holon area – so I came here. From here I return home for cooking. It’s good for the soul, too. “

However, Ben Moshe was not particularly impressed by the Black Friday discounts: “The promotions are not something, but it is important to support Israeli businesses.”

Queue outside the Fox branch in the Ayalon Mall, this morning // Photo: Hayali Yaakovi-Handelsman
Queue at Ayalon Mall. "Glad to be back in malls after so long" // Photo: Hayali Yaakovi-Handelsman

Or Yitzhaki, who came to the mall with his friend to buy clothes as part of Black Friday, was not impressed by the promotions either: “I waited a long time to go shopping, and in fact most promotions are disappointing, even less than the routine. American Eagle has a 30% discount. “NIS 400 and pay NIS 200.” There are better deals on the Internet. There are psychic offers on the Adidas website and there are 30%. However, I must point out that the guidelines are very strict. There are inspectors all the time. It’s fun to finally see people. “

Bar Ifergan was the last customer in the long line that stretched outside the H&M branch. “I have no problem waiting,” she said, “I was waiting for it. H&M does not have an online website and I was already waiting to buy clothes.”


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