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The number of corona infections continues to fluctuate. Strict measures are still in place to contain the spread of the coronavirus.

In this live blog you follow the most important news facts and other events about the corona crisis:

10:50 – Police ends party in The Hague
An illegal corona party in The Hague has been brought to an early end by the police. He received reports of noise nuisance. The party was in an apartment. The windows were covered with black paper. When the doorbell did not open, the police raided. Partygoers turned against the police: a police officer was hit and one police car was damaged.

8:41 – KNVB wants an audience at football matches again
After several catering businesses, who threaten to open on January 17, the opposition to the corona measures is also louder from the KNVB. They insist on a rapid return of the public to the football stadiums.

According to the KNVB, the matches with the public at the start of the season did not lead to problems and as far as is known no one was infected in a stadium. The KNVB fears that clubs will fall if the current situation of playing football without an audience lasts even longer.

8:24 – RIVM: second wave may not be over until March
Two weeks ago the RIVM thought that we would be back to the level of this summer in January. But now head of infectious disease control Jaap van Dissel and Jacco Wallinga, responsible for the calculation models, are more gloomy. At this rate, it could well be March before the second wave is over, they tell the NOS.

They no longer see many buttons for the government to turn. Citizens should feel more ‘co-owners of the corona spread problem’, according to the RIVM staff.

7:31 – Figures in Belgium are falling
A decline also appears to be continuing in Belgium. An average of 245 patients were hospitalized every day from 21 to 27 November. That is a decrease of 29 percent from the week before. Earlier figures showed that the number of infections had decreased by 36 percent (from 18 to 24 November). In the same week, our neighboring country saw the number of people dying from the coronavirus drop by 20 percent, compared to the week before.

7:21 – Infections in Germany are slightly down
The number of new corona infections in Germany in the last 24 hours is somewhat lower than in the previous days, according to figures from the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the German counterpart of RIVM.

The RKI reports 21,695 infections on Saturday against 22,805 new cases a day earlier. On Thursday, 22,268 new infections were registered. In the past 24 hours, 379 people in Germany died from Covid-19. That’s 47 fewer than the day before, when 426 were killed. The total official death toll from the lung virus in Germany so far stands at 15,965.

7:13 – ‘Catering only open if the pandemic allows it’
Prime Minister Mark Rutte says that the catering industry can only open when the pandemic situation allows it. He said this in response to the ultimatum from part of the hospitality industry. A number of entrepreneurs threaten to open on January 17. Departments in Limburg are also joining the catering industry uprising. Read more here.


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