Lieberman reveals data on Hamas’ intensification – Channel 20


Defense Minister MK Yvette Lieberman reveals in Knesset that Hamas is holding cruise missiles and cluster munitions for the first time. Lieberman claims that Netanyahu and Gantz are hiding this from the public through censorship.

Photo: Knesset Channel

“For example, he hides and imposes censorship together with Defense Minister Bnei Gantz to hide from Israeli citizens what is happening in the intensification of Hamas: Hamas produces cruise missiles. He knows that the State of Israel is following and the IDF knows. The minister knows, Hamas knows who is hiding from? Residents of the Gaza Strip. What is happening in the south is abandonment of life. This is the abandonment of the residents of the Gaza Strip, the abandonment of the residents of Ashkelon, Sderot Netivot and Ofakim. “Hamas is doing a tool test, developing a cruise ship, developing a cluster of bombs. Do you know what this means for the residents?”

In response to these remarks, MK Shlomo Qarai (Likud) said: “Lieberman sells Israel’s security for cheap politics. disgrace”.

It is puzzling that MK Lieberman preaches the concealment of security information from civilians. Of Lieberman and claimed that he did not know this information.


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