Less train traffic between Breda and Rotterdam, windscreen built for miles at the HSL railway bridge


Train traffic between Breda and Rotterdam has been disrupted from Saturday due to work on the Moerdijk Bridge. Rail operator ProRail is having a kilometer-long windbreak built on the bridge in front of the HSL.

The mega job will last until Thursday, November 19 in the morning. The railway manager hopes to use the screens to make train traffic less sensitive to strong winds.

‘Saves nuisance for travelers’
Until now, from wind force 5 onwards, ProRail allowed train traffic to run slowly or sometimes even stop it. With the windscreens, this is no longer necessary for the bridge. ‘Even’ at wind force 7 to 8 (stormy) trains can then run on the HSL route at normal speed. That saves a lot of inconvenience for travelers.

More than 1500 panels will be installed over a distance of almost 3 kilometers. This requires approximately 60,000 bolts, nuts and washers, four kilometers of rubber profiles and 600 tons of steel. For this enormous job, 25 to 40 people are working on the bridge 24 hours a day.

The materials are delivered and removed by work train and truck. During the work, accompanying boats guide the ships safely under the bridge.

Millions set aside
Work on the bridge, built at a height of 23.5 meters, can at most be delayed or postponed by too strong wind. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management has earmarked 60 million euros for these and other improvements on the HSL track.

Due to all these activities, no or fewer trains will run on the track between Rotterdam, Dordrecht, Roosendaal and Breda from 7 to 18 November. No train traffic is possible at all on the HSL route, but it is (partly) possible on the railway bridge next to the bridge that is under construction. Buses are also used.


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