Leading Dutch party Forum for Democracy writes flaming letter about chairman Baudet who has resigned: “He destroyed the party in one weekend” | Abroad


Annabel Nanninga, leader at the Dutch right-wing populist party Forum for Democracy (FVD), thinks that Thierry Baudet destroyed the party last weekend. The sacrifices he made on Monday and Tuesday – stepping down as party leader and party chairman – are a “sham”, Nanninga writes in a hard article on the website The Post Online. She also wants Baudet not to be on the election list for next year’s elections. Baudet has just said that he wants to become a list pusher.

Nanninga, who is a member of the Amsterdam city council and the Senate for FVD, observes that the party has been “jumping from riot through fuss to scandal for years, almost without exception at the hands of the party leader and / or the administrative failure of the JFVD” (JFVD stands for Youth Organization Forum for Democracy, ed.) This weekend, Nanninga already criticized the reaction of Baudet and the youth branch after the reports about anti-Semitism within the JFVD. In the piece she notes that Baudet has entered her and other critics. the party called “screaming” and said “I am the party”.


Baudet prefers to flicker the whole party in the fireplace, than to immediately proceed to fuming, firing and removing the wrong elements

Annabel Nanninga

She now demands that Baudet really makes it clear that he will no longer be on the electoral list. Nanninga clearly has few good words for her former party leader. “So now we had a weekend behind us in which after three days of meetings about the question ‘what shall we do about neo-Nazis’ the answer was: actually nothing at all,” writes the politician. “A weekend in which the party leader would rather flicker the whole party in the fireplace than simply proceed to fumigation, firing and expelling wrong elements.”

“Insane bleating”

That Baudet blames the media, Nanninga calls “insane murmuring”. “The media does not always flirt with conspiracy theories and types of questionable identity. The media does not keep a rotten youth board in power. The media does not destroy an entire party in a weekend because they do not want to admit and correct their mistake. That is what FVD does. only one person, and that is party leader Baudet. “


Yesterday Thierry Baudet stepped down as party leader of the Forum for Democracy (FVD). Today he also stepped up as party chairman. The concrete reason for this was reports that surfaced in recent days about anti-Semitic and homophobic messages circulating in app groups of JFVD, the party’s youth movement. Prominent FVD members called for a big clean-up within the JFVD and urged the departure of JFVD chairman Freek Jansen, a confidant of Baudet. Baudet called the reports of Nazism and anti-Semitism “terrible”, but also said that “the media cannot be trusted”.


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