“Lapid can not be prime minister”


The interview with Minister Tamano Sheta

(Photo: Uri Davidovich)

Immigration and Absorption Server Pnina Temanu Sheta (Blue and white) spoke this morning (Tuesday) against the head of the party in which she began her political path. “Yair Lapid Can’t be prime minister in my eyes. Justice Ofer sent who said he already had the glass ceiling. At the national level, Lapid cannot lead the country, “Tamano Sheta said in an interview at the Ynet studio.
The deterioration of relations between the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu To the blue and white chairman and defense minister Bnei Gantz Has reached a peak in recent days, and as a result there is a growing appreciation in the political system that the partnership between the two leaders is about to collapse. Against the background of the possibility of early elections, it will be examined below the surface whether Ganz will return to cooperating with the chairman of Yesh Atid-Telam and the chairman of the opposition Lapid.

From the words of the Minister, it was difficult to see how Ganz and Lapid would indeed return to join hands with Netanyahu. “Bish Atid has been trying for eight years to position Lapid at the front and as a candidate for prime minister.”

– You were there, I remind you.

“Sure, I left too.”

– The question is whether there is an option for you to return there?

“There is one candidate for prime minister and that is Benny Gantz.”

Yair LapidYair Lapid

MK Lapid. “He chose to be in the stands”

(Photo: Shaul Golan)

– If it becomes clear to you that the union can work, will you not return to cooperate with Yesh Atid?

“This is not a question of ego. At the moment, Lapid is in the opposition and we are in a coalition within this government. We chose to enter, he chose to be in the stands. All the cards are open as soon as they go to the polls, so I do not predict the future.”

– Explain why Lapid does not deserve to be prime minister.

“We see the polls and what the public thinks of it, which is objective. I appreciate Lapid, we had very close friendships and friendships. But when we talk at the national level – does he deserve to lead the country, in my eyes not.”

– To the extent that?

“Yes, because of his behavior and conduct. In the end, when there is a crisis, people are measured in a time of crisis, and it is not to come and just throw accusations and shout from the stands. And to the citizens of the State of Israel. “

– Next week you are going to vote with Lapid on the dissolution of the Knesset?

“I’m not dancing to Lapid’s flute. If we want to dismantle the government as blue and white we will do it in our own steps, at any point in time. We have a variety of tools to do that. All options on the table include legislation. We talk to all House factions, We have our moves. ”

Mish Atid-Telam was quoted as saying in response to Minister Tamano Sheta:It is sad to see a woman who is at the end of her political career willing to say anything so that someone will treat her. That’s what happens to those who sell their constituents for a job. “

Referring to the possibility of dismantling the package with the Likud, Minister Makhol Laban said that “elections can still be prevented. It depends on one person called Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister.”

– But he says “how will I sit with you” when you set up a submarine inspection committee?

“Not everything is personal, there is also a national, and within the national, if the prime minister wants the government to continue to function he needs to release the appointments, the budget needs to be approved, there needs to be regulations for the government to start functioning.”

– The Prime Minister will not allow you to rotate. How do you progress from here?

“In the end he will have to look straight at all the citizens of their state of Israel. He said ‘without sticks and without tricks I am going to fulfill my promise’. He will have to tell the citizens of Israel I cheated on you. It is not in the interest now that Bnei Gantz should sit on the prime minister’s chair. “We believe he should be respected. Blue and white should take the reins in early November.”

Benjamin Netanyahu Bnei GantzBenjamin Netanyahu Bnei Gantz

Netanyahu and Gantz. “There is an agreement and it should be respected”

(Photo: Avi Mualem Olivia Fitoussi, Flash 90)

– But in the polls you are in the region of 10 seats.

“I’m not excited. There are ups and downs. The fact that an agreement was signed in the first place – should be respected. It does not matter if the polls change here or there. “So you do not have the mandate to sit in the prime minister’s chair. I do not agree with that approach.”

– So you have hope that the agreement will be honored?

“It’s not a matter of hope, it’s a matter of things that need to happen. If there is a state budget the government will remain intact. If there seems to be a release of appointments and the state functions – then we will stay in government. In this government.

“The responsibility to carry the country to the elections again will apply to Netanyahu. It is unfortunate and simply illogical that in two or three years we will be in a fourth election. “For the elections, because we see that the Likud has completely lost its way and are unable to conduct itself and do not understand that this is not a private business and that it is a destruction to the state.”

Tamano Sheta noted that despite the controversies her party has managed to lead some moves in areas under the responsibility of blue and white ministers, and even halted some bills relating to the scrutiny of what is being done in the legal system. “All this does not mean that we will live with the fact that there is no budget for the state. This is something that for us is a red line. It is impossible to run within a government that sticks all appointments.

“I think the prime minister should decide at the moment whether he wants elections or whether he wants this country to function. He kept shouting how terrible this crisis is and that everyone should rise, he is the one who should rise above political considerations and the very childish games in my eyes. “They understand that they have partners who run the business. They have been accustomed for more than a decade to being homeowners.”

– We see an issue that is close to your heart, the issue of the Falashmura, has a problem because of the war of the Ethiopian army near the border with Sudan.

“It’s terrible, some days I don’t sleep at night and sometimes walk around in tears in the Knesset. Yesterday I met a mother who demonstrates in front of the Prime Minister’s Office and she has been waiting for her children for 20 years and she went blind and she is 90, it hurts a lot. , And at the moment the situation in Ethiopia is very difficult.

“I chose to be their voice and I will fight for this aliyah. The fact that in the end they gave me a meager budget that brings only 2,000 immigrants as if it were some kind of allowance is terrible. I call on the Prime Minister and also the Interior Minister and other ministers concerned to lift the glove.”

Pnina Temanu ShetaPnina Temanu Sheta

“The State of Israel knew how to carry out rescue operations in times of crisis.” Minister Tamano Sheta in the Ynet studio

– Benny Gantz can not help you?

“First, the foreign minister is in the picture, but in the end we need an order from the prime minister who is examining the security situation at the moment in Ethiopia and giving the green light to such and other moves.”

– So why does he not do it?

“You have to ask him, it’s about the law of souls.”

– Is he abandoning them?

“Right now the feeling is that it does not interest him and not many in the government and I regret it. The fact that I am a member of the community does not mean that only I should be interested in this issue. I get backing from Magnz, yesterday we had a long conversation with both the defense and foreign ministers. “I think the State of Israel is ashamed of its history by ignoring parents who sit here, worried and not knowing what will happen to their children in the precarious security situation in Ethiopia.”

The Likud chose not to comment on the matter.


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