Lamborghini stays true to the naturally aspirated V12!


Discussions about which powertrain should get the Aventador’s successor have been going on for a while, but now there is finally redemption: it will be an atmospheric V12 again … with electric assistance!

Overview :

The Lamborghini Aventador’s successor will still get an atmospheric V12 in the stern, Lamborghini technical director Maurizio Reggiani confirms to Car and Driver. The new model is expected in 2022 at the earliest and in 2024 at the latest. A first hint for its drive has already been given with the Si├ín, whose V12 is assisted by an electrical boost from a supercapacitor, making it in fact a mild hybrid. A technique that has been studied by Lamborghini together with MIT (USA). However, this technology probably won’t be enough to get the V12 through future emissions standards, so we can bet it will be a more classic hybrid with a battery.

800 pk?

The already 770 hp 6.5 liter V12 from the Lamborghini Aventador (SVJ) will therefore continue its career for a few more years. It seems unlikely to us that Lamborghini will develop a completely new engine for a single generation of a model. That also means that we can dream of an output of more than 800 hp for its successor …

It remains to be seen which configuration Lamborghini will choose: the V12 that drives all four wheels as has been the case since the Murcielago, or just the rear wheels while the electric motor (s) are ahead of the front wheels or takes their account, as with the Ferrari SF90 Stradale? And will it be possible to drive on electricity only? Many questions that remain unanswered for the time being. But we already know the essential: in times when almost every manufacturer switches to turbos and fewer cylinders, Lamborghini continues its legend for a while.


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