Koen Wauters falls out of confession: “I voted for an int …


Asking a Belgian who he voted for is like asking how old he is or how much he weighs: you don’t. But Koen Wauters fell out of confession in ‘Today’: the VTM presenter told the VRT program ‘Today’ that he voted for Alexander De Croo in the elections in October 2019.

Koen Wauters was a guest on the talk show of Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis on Wednesday evening together with De Croo. After the prime minister had praised Clouseau (“The Flemish Coldplay”), Wauters in turn also complimented De Croo: “I took a vote test twice, and I ended up with Alexander De Croo twice. Of course I voted for him ”, he said. “You don’t normally say that, but I don’t vote for parties. I am very happy that he is our Prime Minister. You also feel that when you sit around the table: it is not someone who gets a kick out of the power that the office entails. No, he is an honest, rather shy man who knows his files very well. I wish him and us a very successful premiership. ”


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