Jamie Dornan received bizarre fan mail after Fifty Shades movies


“At some point in the past few months, when everyone was in quarantine, I got a photo collage of a baby I don’t know. The person who sent me that claimed this was my child, which was pretty bizarre,” said Jamie, who already He has been married to Amelia Warner for 7 years and with whom he has 3 children: Dulcie (7), Elva (4) and Alberta (1).

The 38-year-old actor thinks he has an explanation for the ‘freaky’ fan mail. “I suspect this ‘fan’ meant that this is the child of me and Dakota Johnson, whom I am in all Fifty Shades movies. So that this child was conceived while watching one of our movies. I can’t explain it that well otherwise. Anyway, I thought it was all very strange and not very pleasant. “

The actor spent quite some time in Amsterdam, where he had a wild time. RTL Boulevard then spoke to him. You can see that in the video below.


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