Is this Melania Trump’s secret plan for the White House ‘day after’?


The next step of the ‘First Lady’ in the United States has been revealed – and insiders claim that even her husband supports: Writing a book about her four years in the White House

Once the US election results have been clarified, the question that intrigues the media is: to be what will happen to the presidential couple the day after the White House?

According to reports in the US media, quoted on the Mako website, Melania Trump, who has been careful throughout her husband’s tenure to maintain privacy, is preparing the ground for “the day after” – and she plans to do so just like the president.

“Melania is currently holding meetings regarding a book to be written about her time at the White House,” said a person involved in the details. “The money she will earn from the book will be entirely hers – and she has an opportunity to earn for herself.”

According to the report, Trump, too, has already begun to forge contacts with the major book publishing companies in the United States, which may be why he does not oppose his partner’s move.

According to the source, “Melania did not say the last word, and she is not going to be as quiet as many people think. With the revelations of Stephanie Wolkoff, her former assistant, in the background, Melania’s story is going to be worth a lot of money. ”

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