Iran: Clear Evidence of Israel’s Involvement in Attack


The scientist was killed after the car he was in was ambushed in a suburb of Tehran. The 63-year-old nuclear scientist succumbed to his injuries shortly afterwards. He was regarded in the West as the leading figure in Iran’s attempts to make a nuclear bomb.

Iranian UN envoy Majid Takht Ravanchi wrote to the UN: “We expect the UN to strongly condemn the attack. This is a warning of some adventurous measures by the US and Israel against Iran, especially during the remaining months of the current US administration. Iran that it has the right to defend its people and the interests of the country. “

Tension in region

Secretary General Guterres yesterday called on everyone to be restrained. Any actions that could lead to an increase in tension in the region should be avoided, his spokesman said. After Iran’s announcement, Guterres appealed to avenge the murder of the top scientist.

An important advisor to the strict Islamic regime in the capital Tehran has already said that arch-enemy Israel, which he believes is behind the attack, wants to start a war. The murder would have the blessing of US President Trump.


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