I&O Research: willingness to get vaccinated against corona has fallen


The number of people who want to be vaccinated against corona has decreased in recent months. Where in June almost three quarters (73 percent) of people said they were certain or likely to take a vaccine against the virus, in September that was 65 percent and now it is 60 percent. The decrease is greatest among young people and lowest among older people.

This has emerged from research by I&O Research commissioned by the NOS. “These are major steps in a decline,” says researcher Peter Kanne.

Within a week, two drug manufacturers came up with hopeful news about vaccines: Pfizer’s vaccine has an effectiveness of at least 90 percent and that of Moderna 94.5 percent. The I&O Research study was completed Monday morning, just before news about Moderna’s vaccine became known.

The percentage of people who answered ‘certainly’ when asked whether they would get vaccinated, which is a good predictor of behavior according to I&O, dropped from 43 percent to 29 percent.

Watch the cat from the tree

Of the people who certainly do not or probably do not want to be vaccinated (23 percent), no fewer than two thirds say that the vaccine is available too quickly and therefore cannot be trusted. Almost half are afraid of side effects and four in ten doubt whether the vaccine works well enough.

“You see suspicion among the public, or that they are looking the cat out of the tree. They first want to see: is this going to work, are people not going to have any problems with this?”, Says Kanne. “That is nice, because you can still convince the doubting crowd. This is not about fundamental or religious considerations against vaccinating.”

Especially 18 to 34 year olds are suspicious (70 percent). Another factor in this group is that many think that they do not belong to the risk group (33 percent). Kanne: “Young people often think that they are not affected. They think: I am healthy, I am young.”

Is the mistrust of the vaccine justified? NOSop3 previously released a video explaining whether the vaccine is safe:


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