Increases the bet: Elstein offers a billion shekels for 70% of DSKS


The businessman Eduardo Elstein Increases the bet on the controlling shares in the company Discount Investments. Today, Elstein submitted a binding offer to purchase 70.14% of DSKS shares for NIS 1.028 billion, in addition to a commitment to purchase DSKS and Israir shares for NIS 175 million and another NIS 70 million to the liquidation fund.

The offer is significantly higher than previous offers from Elstein and others, which hovered around NIS 1 billion for about 70% of DSK’s shares, and reflects a value of NIS 1.468 billion for the entire company.

The offer includes a put option to purchase 12.12% of DSK shares in the amount of NIS 85 million and a put option to purchase shares of IDB Tourism (Israir) in the amount of NIS 90 million. NIS for Israir and about 12% of the pledged DSK shares. The offer includes significant collateral in cash and a lien on DSK shares worth approximately 15% of the offer.

The ball is now in the group of investors led by Mega Or, who will be required to consider whether to submit a higher bid.And filed by Elstein, to the extent that the receivers allow it.


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