“If Saudi Arabia comes for 15 million?”


Friday, November 27, 2020 at

Dick Advocaat has been at the helm of Feyenoord since October 2019 and has a contract in Rotterdam-Zuid until the end of the season. It is still unclear whether the 73-year-old coach intends to continue working at Feyenoord after this season. In the radio program Veronica Inside Lawyer announced on Friday morning that Feyenoord is in principle his last trick.

Lawyer returned with Feyenoord on Thursday for the Europa League match against CSKA Moscow (0-0) in Russia, where he worked for Zenit and the national team. “I had a great time there, with Zenit and the national team. The people remain friendly and you are recognized, they want to be photographed. That’s quite nice in such a distant country, I’ve been away for a while, ”says Advocaat. Presenter Jan Joost van Gangelen indicates that they pay ‘like hell’ in Russia and that he can imagine that Lawyer thought: now is the time to go there.

“Well, not anymore. No, Feyenoord is really the last thing I do. With me you never know, but let me say it again ”, says Advocaat. “So in principle you stop, but if Saudi Arabia comes for fifteen million euros,” Van Gangelen continues after the answer of the Feyenoord trainer. “Then we can go there together!”, Lawyer then laughs. Van Gangelen indicates that he will go along as a press secretary and that you are ‘chiseled’ if you go with Advocaat. Lawyer: “Well, that also pays well.”

The trainer hinted a number of times during his career that he was thinking of quitting. In recent years, however, a lawyer was still working in the Netherlands, at Oranje, Sparta Rotterdam, FC Utrecht and now Feyenoord, where his contract will run until the end of the season. Due to the 0-0 draw against CSKA, Advocaat with Feyenoord still has a view of wintering in the Europa League. “I thought the first half was good. Well, you play against a good team. They are at the top in Russia, but I thought we were the better team in the first half ”, Advocaat reflects on that game.

Feyenoord ended up with ten men in Moscow early in the second half after a red card for Nicolai Jörgensen, who twice received a yellow card for an elbow. “I haven’t seen it again, but he thought it was ridiculous himself. If you’ve already got yellow, think about how to jump up. The three penalties in the match against Wolfsberger (1-4 defeat) were all laughs. This in itself was also a joke. Nowadays you have to be careful with such duels. ”


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