‘I did not know what I was doing. I drank ‘: A serial lighter arrest in Romema has been extended


The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court extended by four days the detention of the 20-year-old man suspected of a series of arsons in Romema • Police suspect that he planned to carry out 22 more actions

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Saturday evening extended by four days the detention of the 20-year-old man suspected of carrying out a series of arsons last night in the Romema neighborhood.

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According to a report by Liran Tamari on Ynet, the police suspect that the young man planned to carry out 22 more actions.

A court denied the request to ban the publication of his name but granted a stay of execution until Sunday.

A police representative said during the hearing: “Tonight there were a number of arsons in the area of ​​buildings in the Romema neighborhood. The respondent was located near one of the places that was set on fire. Investigations carried out at the scene raised suspicion that the respondent had arrived with unique items.

“The respondent was located in the area, and told one of the police officers that he was filming the arson in order to mount it in a WhatsApp group of reports. He refused to delay and began raging and attacking police officers until YSM police arrived. In his first interrogation, he denied and then was interrogated once more and then broke down and confessed to him while detailing the arson series he did tonight.

“He replied that he was suffering from a problem of arson. There is no need to exaggerate that this is a cause of arrest of a dangerous person. “

During the hearing, the suspect said: “When I did this, I did not know what I was doing. I drank. ”

As reported in Haredim 10, four arsons took place in the Romema neighborhood yesterday, in less than three and a half hours:

At 21:30, 6 fire and rescue crews were called to the scene of a fire in an electrical cabinet located on the first floor of a 5-story building at 9 Sorotskin Street in the Romema neighborhood. As a result of the fire and smoke, a number of occupants were trapped in their homes and were rescued by firefighters with the help of Jerusalem police officers.

Simultaneously with the rescue operations, crews worked to extinguish the fire and prevent it from spreading to the entire building.

A report from the staff on the ground also stated that a number of children inhaled smoke and two of them needed to be evacuated to the hospital, when they were in a light condition.

At 23:57, 3 fire and rescue crews were rushed to Grossberg Street following a report of a bus fire. The firefighters who arrived at the scene within a short time, quickly took control of the fire and prevented the burning of all the vehicles as well as the spread of the fire to nearby vehicles.

• At 0:05 a.m. during the extinguishing operations of the burning bus, crews rushed to another fire in the building on nearby Ali Hacohen Street. Crews who arrived at the scene, noticed a fire in an electrical cabinet that, thankfully, did not develop into a significant fire, and firefighters extinguished it within a short time with no casualties or significant damage to the building.

At 0:50, 6 fire and rescue crews were called to the scene of the fire at the entrance to the building on Yosef Ziv Street. Firefighters who arrived at the scene shortly after noticed a well-developed fire and heavy smoke spreading up the building as it trapped the occupants living in the building inside their apartments.

It was also examined whether there was a connection between last night’s arson pattern and the large fire on Tuesday morning on Sorotskin Street in which 6 buildings and 80 houses were damaged by the fire, and dozens of vehicles and warehouses were burned, as well as several occupants with varying degrees of injury.


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