‘I am also sorry about Mohamed Ihattaren’ | Football


For the international period it went crescendo again with Ihattaren, who started to look sharper and fitter after he was finally allowed to play a number of duels in a row. Schmidt had not missed this either, he said. The coach and his staff have now decided to keep Ihattaren aside and run a kind of ‘mini preparation’.

Especially now that PSV is continuously waiting for a double program until December 22, with European matches and another cup match during the week. There is little training in this by the group and now that almost everyone is back on board, the chance of many playing minutes (which can bring Ihattaren further) is less than before the international period.

“We have a clear plan for him, which he is happy with”, says Schmidt about working with the group and individually towards top condition. “Mo is a super player. If you train someone, he is not one hundred percent in competitions. It’s my responsibility to watch him. The expectations around him are very high. I want to give him the opportunity to make that happen. He must be in good condition for that. We try to help him with that. I also think it’s a shame and would rather see him play more. ”


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