How much did the Israelis spend this year on Black Friday?


Black Friday 2020 was weaker than in the past. Data from the ISA show that Israelis spent less this year than in 2019. The amount of credit card expenses in Israel was NIS 881.87 million. A decrease of 3.6% compared to last year. The average transaction amount for an online transaction – NIS 216.62 and for a direct transaction – NIS 162.15

Data from the Automated Banking Services Company, abbreviated as the ISA, which operates the national credit card payment system in Israel, show that International Shopping Friday Black Friday was well felt last Friday in malls, shopping centers and online shopping sites, but the volume of credit card spending this year Was slightly lower than the 2019 shopping day.

The ISA’s data show that the Israelis made credit transactions in the total amount of NIS 881.87 million during Friday. This is a 3.6% decrease in the volume of purchases on this day compared to Black Friday 2019 then the total amount of expenditure on credit cards was NIS 915.23 million. In 2018, the total amount of purchases was NIS 794.82 million. It is important to note that this is credit card activity only in purchases by Israelis in Israel and on Israeli trade sites.

The average amount for a credit transaction upon presentation of a card last Friday was NIS 162.15, a figure similar to 2019, when the average amount was NIS 167.68. In 2018, the average transaction with the presentation of a card was NIS 174.38. The average transaction without the presentation of a credit card (online transaction) was NIS 216.62 on Friday, a decrease of 37.8% in the average amount for an online transaction in 2019. NIS 348.21. In 2018, the average amount was NIS 249.6.

The busy hours on Friday were between 10:00 and 14:00. During the four hours, transactions totaling NIS 408.35 million were recorded in the ISA systems. This figure is a decrease of 10.4% compared to the amount of expenses in the hours of 10 to 14:00 in Black Friday 2019 which was NIS 455.48 million. During these hours during Black Friday 2018 the amount was NIS 430.78 million.


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