How corona can dramatically change your scent: ‘Everything now smells like chlorine’


“Scent is the most beautiful sense we have in my opinion and you lose your confidence in it.” And that is difficult if your scent is of great importance in your work. Den Brabander can therefore no longer perform his work as before. “All nuances of taste are made in your nose, if you lose that you lose a lot. I became partially incapacitated for work because I can no longer do part of my profession. ”

Janneke Snoeijen first lost her smell completely after a corona infection, after which it came back differently. Everything smells like onions with her now. “Even after I take a shower, I think I smell like a gym, it makes me very insecure.”

Pink cakes

Snoeijen, a true “Burgundian”, notices that her life has changed considerably as a result. “Eating and drinking is really my big hobby, but a lot of food now has a crazy aftertaste and alcohol is no longer an option. Pink cakes are doing well, but vegetables are not at all. ”

ENT doctor Wilbert Boek explains how, after a corona infection, the connections in your brain are probably partly no longer correct, so that your sense of smell is disturbed. “Strangely enough, they are always negative associations, no one has that poo suddenly smells like flowers.”

He does have some good news, though: “In most people, the smell returns to normal after two to four weeks. And there is also such a thing as smell training, which also allows a group of people to regain their sense of smell. ”

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