History: Linoy Ashram European Champion


Stunning. Linoy Ashram won a rare achievement tonight (Sunday) when she won a medal at the European Championships in artistic gymnastics held in Kiev, in the multi-fight category. Ashram is recording the rare achievement in the midst of preparations for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics to be held next summer.

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Ashram finished with the same number of points in the overall calculation with the Ukrainian Alina Hersko, but in the tie-breaker based on parameters of performance – Ashram won and won the prestigious title. The achievement is even more impressive when one considers that Ashram is the first non-Russian gymnast to win the title since 1998.

The multi-fight is the most prestigious Olympic category of all. Ashram has been marked for several years as a leading candidate for a medal at the Olympics, and now that it is clear that the Corona crisis has not hurt her abilities either – we are waiting to see what she will do at the world sporting event.

The first to greet was the Minister of Sports, Hili Trooper: “Linoy Ashram proved once again her amazing abilities and special spirit, with her winning the European Championship in multi-artistic gymnastics. Linoy, a true champion, set another career record. This achievement joins a significant list of recent achievements in Israeli sports “I am proud and excited to welcome this. We will continue to support and strengthen Israeli sports.”

This is Ashram’s first competition since the Corona crisis, and in fact it has not competed since the last World Championships at the end of September 2019. Notable in their absence are twins Dina and Arena Avrina from Russia, the two best gymnasts in the world (in recent World Championships they shared the podium with Ashram). It is important to note that in this competition medals are awarded only in a large battle.

Summary of Ashram’s scores in the exercises: The various: A total score of 100,900. Ball 25.45, Bats 26.2, Ribbon 22.75, Hoop 26.50.


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