Hezi Levy: “The first vaccine swallow in December, we will formulate a list of priorities by next week”


The Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Hezi Levy, is holding a press conference tonight (Wednesday) and will update on the fight against Corona and the efforts to vaccinate the population, starting in December and in 2021.

Levy initially referred to the possibility of forcing vaccines on the population, and clarified that legally it is not possible to vaccinate under duress and government efforts will focus only on advocacy. “We will not oblige,” Levy clarified, “we will come, explain and speak to the hearts of the people to prevent disease and infection and return the wheels of the economy to solid activity.”

“The first vaccine swallow at the end of December”

There are voices warning against the vaccine I must oppose it. The vaccine that will come will be a safe vaccine I hope. It must not cause complacency. We must ensure proper behavior to prevent infection “, thus joining similar remarks made by Health Minister Yuli Edelstein earlier today. Levy added that although the first vaccines, or in his words” first swallow “, will arrive towards the end of December this year, most of the vaccine efforts will be In the first half of 2021.
In addition, Levy said that by next week a list of priorities for receiving the vaccines will be formulated, listing medical professionals as candidates to receive the vaccine first, along with patients at risk.

Levy also referred to the opening of the economy, and the possibility of imposing an initiated closure for Hanukkah in about two weeks, and clarified that an initiated closure would not be imposed on this holiday, as was imposed on Tishrei and Pesach last year. “We continue to map the localities by color,” Levy explained. “Currently there are 15 red authorities and more orange authorities. This serves the restrictions according to the traffic light system that will begin next week,” he said, but clarified that the coefficient of infection (R), which stands for 1.06, higher than planned at this stage of the removal of the restrictions.

“I can not speak by dates,” Levy explained, “on Hanukkah there will certainly not be an initiated closure. We will monitor the morbidity and what the consequences of any restriction are removed. Whether it is in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčtrade and shopping, whether cultural, cultural or leisure activities. And will put us in a gallop, we will have to consider placing restrictions. “

“High response to ‘Pilot in the collection of the pens’ in the education system”

“The education system has priority for opening,” Levy explained. “A method that tests much faster. The response was high and 80% agreed to be tested. A gentle sampling method. Designed to detect asymptomatic symptoms.”

Regarding trade, he added: “According to the cabinet’s decision, a pilot will be opened that will take place between a week and ten days, in 15 malls according to parameters we have set. Keep a purple mark, identify those entering to see if there is disease. We are now designing the pilot for markets.” Regarding the fear that the opening of trade will lead to an increase in morbidity, he said: “This is an event that could undoubtedly cause it, so we are starting pilots. It will be a pilot that will measure the ability to enforce, control store entry and act responsibly.

“We have developed a technological means that can locate people according to the schedules they have been in the mall, so that when we locate people who have been in the mall with a patient, we can act quickly, isolate them and cut the contagion chains.”

“Examining how to prevent leakage from PA surfaces”

Levy also commented on the rise in morbidity in Arab society and in the Palestinian Authority in Judea and Samaria, and explained that there is currently a practice that is not in accordance with the guidelines and that his ministry is trying to contact Arab public leaders to prevent the morbidity outbreak there. “From events to weddings and routines that are not always in accordance with regulations. We work with the Arab desk.

Regarding the leakage of corona patients from the PA, he added: “The transition between the residents of Judea and Samaria and the State of Israel can lead to an leakage of unknown illness, until we see the effect in the verified. We do everything to take care of it. There is an increase in morbidity in the Palestinian Authority, and there is a suspicion that those who come from the Palestinian Authority may be carriers of the disease and infect it in Israel. We will consider the measures to prevent morbidity in Judea and Samaria.


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