Hearing of the EPA following the fuel leak


The mayor, Tomer Glam, on a tour of the EPA today (Friday) following the serious environmental event that caused extreme odor nuisances in the city of Ashkelon. The tour was also joined by the director general of the Ministry of Environmental Protection, David Yahalomi, the director of the ministry’s southern district, Baruch Weber and the director general of the Association of Cities for the Environment, Meital Amitai.

The mayor asked the professional bodies in the municipality to consider filing a class action on behalf of the residents of Ashkelon against the EPA due to the damage to the quality of life of the residents, as well as to summon a hearing to the company. At the same time, the mayor asked the Ministry of Environmental Protection to exercise all the powers he has in this matter to open an investigation against the company for the serious incident.

Ministry of the Environment:

Following the continuation of the unusual odor hazards from the Ashkelon EPA: The Ministry of Environmental Protection will today issue an order to the company to stop the hazard, and to shut it down from regular operation of the tank in which a malfunction was discovered; EPA managers will be summoned to a hearing at the ministry.

Minister of Environmental Protection Gila Gamliel: “Depending on the results of the investigation, the ministry will consider taking additional measures at its disposal.”

Allocation was reported:
‘As part of regular operations and due to the stormy weather, odors were briefly emitted from one of the company’s tanks this morning (Thursday). The event ended and was handled by the company in collaboration with the Ministry of Environmental Protection. It should be emphasized that odors do not pose a danger to public health. “EPA is committed to the values ​​of environmental protection and to the residents of the area in which it operates.”

Photo: Ashkelon Municipality Spokeswoman.


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