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Haifa’s familiar landscape line will change this week when the two familiar arm cranes in the west of Haifa Port will be moved to a more eastern platform

Anyone who has toured Ben Gurion Boulevard and the German Colony in Haifa for the past thirty years and looked in the direction of the port, saw in the landscape line the pair of cranes used to transport general cargo of various types.
In the next two days (30/11/20, 1/12/20), in a complex engineering operation, the two cranes will be transferred, one after the other, to their new abode at the eastern container wharf of the Port of Haifa, where they will return to transport cargo during 2021.

Raichel and the stars of the festival in the port of Haifa (Photo: Verhaftig Venzian)
Raichel and the stars of the festival in the port of Haifa (Photo: Verhaftig Venzian)

“Star” cranes

The old cranes are made by the German company “Cox”, and it is also the one that is responsible for managing their transfer now, under the management of Gil Friedler Head of the Port Planning and Engineering Development Unit. In recent years, the cranes have also “starred” during the filming of the Festigal clip, with the piano of Idan Raichel placed under one of them, with Moshe Peretz and the other stars of the Festigal next to him. Also on the last Independence Day during the broadcast of the main independence transmitter of Network 13.

The German Colony (Photo: Warhaftig Vencian)
The German Colony (Photo: Warhaftig Vencian)

The operation has already begun

This transfer operation began as early as this weekend, when on Thursday and Friday (26-27 / 11/20), three general cargo cranes were transferred from the Kishon West wharf where they worked to this day, to the East Kishon wharf, which will now also be used for regular operational activities.

Mandy Salzman (Photo: Hanoch Winikmin)
Mandy Salzman (Photo: Hanoch Winikmin)

Mandy Salzman CEO of Haifa Port Company:

Haifa Port continues to be refreshed and re-evaluated. We are now diverting the familiar cranes from the western area that will be a thriving urban seafront at the foot of the Baha’i Gardens and the German Colony. At the same time, we are now concentrating a large operational force in the eastern part of the port and in the Kishon area, where we will be able to serve more cargo ships, and more efficiently.

The familiar Haifa landscape (skimmer photo: Erez Simon, Geodrons)
The familiar Haifa landscape with the cranes (skimmer photo: Erez Simon, Geodrons)
Port - wide


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