Griezmann is open about the situation with Messi


There is much to do in Spain regarding the relationship of Antoine Griezmann and Lionel Messi at FC Barcelona. The Frenchman would not get along with the Argentinian, but according to him nothing is true at all. He emphasizes that again in an interview with Marca.

Recently, Éric Olhats, the Frenchman’s former escort, has been incredibly condescending about Messi. According to him, the Argentinian is the reason why Griezmann does not succeed at the Catalan club. Messi then said that he is tired of always being blamed for everything that goes wrong at Camp Nou. But the Frenchman now emphasizes that the statements of Olhats are out of thin air. “I haven’t had any relationship with him since my wedding day. I invited him, but he didn’t come. That’s why I don’t have any contact with him.”

Griezmann also says that he has had a good relationship with Messi for some time. In 2018, the world champion was already close to a move to Barça, but then turned down the club. But after his eventual transfer, he immediately talked to Messi. “I spoke to him when I came to the club. He told me it felt like he was screwed when I turned down Barcelona because he had publicly asked for my arrival. And he supports me now, I see that every day.”

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