Google will support Chrome browser for Windows 7 until 2022 | NOW


Google will continue to support the Chrome browser for Windows 7 until at least January 15, 2022, the tech giant recently announced in a blog post. Users who still use this browser from Google can continue to do so safely until that date.

Initially, Google would stop supporting Windows 7 next summer. From July 15, 2021, Google Chrome on Windows 7 would no longer be updated. Google has now moved this deadline by six months.

The company notes that many Chrome users still have Windows 7 as their operating system. Businesses in particular need more time. A survey by Google shows that 21 percent of companies are still making the transition to Windows 10 and that 1 percent has yet to start.

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows 7 at the beginning of this year. The operating system will no longer be updated. If errors are still discovered in the software, Microsoft will in principle no longer solve them. This can be dangerous if a vulnerability is discovered.

That is why Microsoft is urging all Windows 7 users to switch to Windows 10. Microsoft is offering anyone with a valid Windows 7 or Windows 8 license a free update to Windows 10.


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