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Google Chrome adds an interesting feature to incognito mode


Google Chrome adds an interesting feature to incognito mode

Google Chrome has built in useful functionality for people who value privacy. The incognito mode ensures that Google does not save every step you take on the web. Only this does cause some restrictions here and there.

One of the caveats is the fact that it was not possible for users to take a screenshot of your web browser in this mode. Very inconvenient in some cases, but a solution comes up.

Google Chrome provided with new function

The problem has been addressed several times in Chromium’s bug report, but this time the problem actually shows up as something that is being solved. There are currently a number of developers working to allow taking screenshots for Google Chrome. The new functionality ensures that this is the case at all times, but we are still working hard for this at the moment. It is not known exactly when the functionality will appear, but it should be available within a few weeks. In the meantime, Google Chrome will open the floodgates to ensure that it is already possible.

At this point, you just have to give permission yourself to be able to take a screenshot. Very easy, because the lack of that possibility was actually quite disturbing. People who use Google Chrome in incognito mode probably don’t do this for nothing. They don’t want Google to track all data and it is annoying that taking a screenshot is not possible.

Google Chrome 75
Chrome (Image: Google)

Incognito modus?

You may have big question marks over your head right now. “What is that incognito mode he’s talking about?” You might think.

It’s actually quite simple. It is possible to open a new window in Google Chrome, but you can also choose to open a new incognito window. The chance that you have ever seen this pass by is quite high. When you open a window in this mode, it is possible to use the browser, without all your data being saved. Consider, for example, those annoying cookies that ensure that you receive advertisements about products that you just happened to be thinking about. As a user, it just gives you a little more privacy, which is nice.

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Google Chrome adds an interesting feature to incognito mode


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