Germany looks at fifty years of Tatort, ‘mirror of the country’


Media scientist Sebastian Scholz, affiliated with the VU University in Amsterdam, agrees with Van Houweninge: “Who crime scene looks at the history of Germany. In the series you can see what has been going on in Germany for the past fifty years. But you also hear how people talk and see what they are wearing. And how that differs from region to region, because every week a murder case is solved elsewhere. “

Moreover, says Scholz, the series is always trying to renew. “Schimanski was an example of this in the 1980s. We did not know such a raw policeman from the Ruhr area at all. We see such a break in style today at the Tatort team from Hesse. The cases they solve are Tarantino -like, with bizarre plot twists and sometimes many deaths. “

Anniversary broadcast

The 50th anniversary will be celebrated tonight with the first of two episodes, in which the crime sceneteams from Dortmund and Munich work together. This time it is about murder and swindling, and the long arm of the southern Italian mafia.

For those who want: the broadcast starts at 8.15 pm on the public channel ARD.


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