Gantz Prime Minister? He is not capable of it, it will be a cry for generations. “


MK Osnat Mark harshly criticizes coalition partner. “Blue and white? Entered the government to overthrow Netanyahu “•” Bennett? Raging “•” Commemoration of Rabin? Excessive ”

In an interview with the newspaper “Israel Hayom”, MK Osnat Mark from the Likud sharply attacks Blue and White and Bnei Gantz – and says: “They entered the government to overthrow Bibi.”

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According to her, “Israel is not really interested in them in the first place. We fight him all day. All they care about is just demonstrations. nothing else. Who are our partners? It’s left. “

She added: “It is important to find a starting point. The prime minister is not allowed to pass the baton to Gantz. It will be a cry for generations. Ganz is incapable of becoming prime minister. He did not want to get up for school. It’s prey. If there are elections today, he will not pass the blocking percentage. “

Mark claims that Netanyahu “feels that if God forbid he gives the baton to Bnei Gantz, a disaster could happen. Gantz has no understanding of basic things. It’s big on him. This is no ordinary country.

“We are on the way to the elections. Not now. In March, the Knesset will be dissolved in June-July, and there will be elections. “

On strengthening the ‘right’ in the polls, Mark says: “Naftali Bennett is one of the people that the State of Israel will be disappointed with if he reaches a key position. He seemed reckless to me. impulsive. I see him go up to the Knesset podium and rave like a child who has had a toy taken from him. Bro. Stop for a moment. You wrote a book, so you can be prime minister? ”

As for the government’s treatment of Corona, Mark says: “This is not a catastrophe, this is a bad situation. It is a catastrophe if the prime minister, the finance minister, sit in the ivory tower and do nothing. “

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Mark refers to the controversy surrounding the anniversary of Rabin’s assassination and says: “Rabin’s assassination was a heinous assassination and there is no controversy here. But took it too far. Orna Banai said ‘you murdered and inherited’. Cheeky, what is it you inherited ?! We went to the polls and voted. Who did we kill ?! We murdered Rabin ?! Cheeky. Cheeky. They own the story. Everywhere you go change the name to Rabin. There are other people who have done something for the country. “

Are you talking about commemorating his name in the squares and streets?

“Yes. There are other people who have done things. “Begin did quite a bit here for the sake of the people of Israel and the state, and not every fresh tree is called Begin.”

Are you saying there is too much commemoration?

“Obviously. Hospitals became Rabin, the square became Rabin, the streets became Rabin. We quite understood the idea. “


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