FVD wants binding referendum on leadership Baudet | Inland


Chairman Lennart van der Linden announced this via a message on social media. Thierry Baudet has not yet announced whether he supports this.

According to Van der Linden, it is all about a deal. Baudet would meanwhile have resigned his board position within Forum. FvD members are now consulted as soon as possible via a referendum about Baudet’s fate as party leader. This must be followed up by a general meeting in which a new FvD board is elected.

Various FvD’ers and ex-FvD’ers are pulling their hands off the latest developments. Last week, many FvD leaders such as Theo Hiddema, Annabel Nanninga and Joost Eerdmans left the party and local party members split off. That exodus has continued. The States faction of Utrecht has now also started its own business.

How the flag hangs in the province of Noord-Brabant is unclear. Up to now, the States faction had supported Baudet, but had rented a room in the Van der Valk hotel in Vught on Sunday to discuss this. However, the faction did not show up.

It is rumored that the Brabant member of Parliament and also senator Loek van Wely wants to leave. His fellow States members would like to talk firmly into him, because there are fears about the consequences of his decision for political cooperation in the provincial government of Noord-Brabant. Van Wely himself does not want to respond.


In Brabant, VVD, CDA, FvD and a local party are in charge of the provincial government. This is particularly sensitive in the CDA. There are CDA members who find the current course with FvD members a lot more pleasant than the previous collaboration with D66 and GL, among others. Other CDA members have been completely against it from the start.

According to several insiders, a consultation of members about Baudet as party leader as the national FvD board now proposes is waiting for problems. Because of the many cancellations, the membership administration is currently a mess, they believe. According to them, it is a matter of waiting for new problems.


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