Fuss about question about Sam Bettens in ‘De Slimste Mens’: ‘Disrespectful’


“What do you know about Sam Bettens?” That was the question that sports anchor Catherine Van Eylen was asked on Tuesday The smartest person. ‘Singer’, she guessed correctly, just like ‘transman’ and ‘Sarah’. That last answer went down the wrong way of several viewers, because that Bettens’ deadname is, the (female) name with which he was born and which he himself changed. That Van Eylen also consistently continued to use the word ‘she’ instead of ‘he’ was incomprehensible to many viewers.

“Yesterday Sam Bettens was a question in ‘DSMTW'”, someone responds on Twitter. “The question was ushered in with a clip by Linde. Clean. Then three answers follow. One of them is Sam’s deadname. Less clean. Everyone knows this is disrespectful to the person. Then follows a search for the fourth keyword. In addition, a candidate Sam Bettens misgendered several times. Can happen, because stress and stuff. Only: nobody improves it afterwards. No one from the jury or presentation says efkes: “Oh, it is him.” Even less clean. ”

Senne Misplon, spokesperson for the youth organization Wel Jong Niet Hetero and a participant in the quiz for a few episodes, also reacts disappointed. “Just no”, he writes. “Mentioning someone’s old name explicitly is just really not nice. And the disagreement also continued. And nobody just corrected her afterwards. Very unfortunate.”


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