Funeral director says sorry for selfie with Maradona body


The British newspaper The Mirror got hold of the photo, but decided not to post it on their website out of respect for Maradona and his family. The owner of the funeral home was furious when he got wind of the incident, all the more so because his employee also showed two thumbs up in the photo.

Wrong decision

The funeral assistant, Claudio Fernández, did not only take a picture with the body of the Argentinian superstar. His son and another man also took a selfie. A wrong decision, he acknowledged on the radio yesterday, the BBC writes. “I know a lot of people are offended. They have taken it badly,” said Fernández, who also reported that he had received death threats.

Fernández was fired on the spot yesterday. He is said to have worked as a temporary worker at the funeral home. The manager of the company says he is ‘devastated’ about the situation. The funeral home had previously organized funerals for Maradona’s relatives. “The family had complete confidence in us, which is why we are so sorry,” the manager told TN News.

To bury

‘Fluffy’, as the legend was called, was buried on Thursday afternoon (local time) during a private ceremony. Thousands of Argentines had come to the presidential palace in Buenos Aires to salute their hero, which did not always go well. The police sometimes had to take action against fans who wanted to rush in to ‘see’ Diego one more time.

Maradona died on Wednesday at the age of 60 from a heart attack. His health was not going well for some time: in November he was successfully operated on a blood clot in his brain.


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