From tomorrow, people without symptoms can get tested again for corona: what should you do and how does it work?


Someone I have been in close contact with tests positive for COVID-19. How does that work for me? And what about quarantine and isolation?

If you have been in contact with someone who has tested positive, you may be called by the contact tracking or notified by the company or school doctor and you may be considered a high-risk contact. You go into quarantine for 10 days, counted from the last contact with the infected person.

The test may only be performed after the 7from day after the last high-risk contact. If that test is negative, you can leave the quarantine early, but increased vigilance is still required until day 14.

Without a test, the quarantine lasts at least 10 days. And one must also be extra careful for another 4 days because there is still a small chance that you are still contagious and can pass on the virus.

The same applies if you return from a red zone abroad. Before your arrival in Belgium, you fill in a form with questions about your activities abroad. If this shows that you have run a risk, you are considered a high-risk contact and the same rules apply as above. (read more below the photo.)


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