From the Corona Cabinet to the business world: a good sign on the way to a new destination


Is the former director general of the Ministry of Health moving to the world of investments? Moshe Bar Siman Tov, who served as director general of the Ministry of Health during the first wave of the Corona and the first closure, and was replaced by Prof. Hezi Levy last May , The investment arm of Discount Bank, for the establishment of a joint investment platform in the field of health technology. This was reported in “Calcalist”.

The relationship between Bar Siman Tov and Discount has been going on for several weeks, but no decision has yet been made on the matter. The goal of both parties is to select investment companies in which it will be possible to introduce strategic added value that will lead to a breakthrough in international markets.

Due to the cooling-off period in which he is committed, Bar Siman Tov is still unable to take part in business ventures, as is customary after retiring from a senior position in the civil service. The cooling-off period is expected to end in May, but he will already be able to make official contacts in January.

Investment in the world of healthcare is a field that has been flourishing in recent years, and is gaining momentum following many startups that are established and develop technology in the fields of medical devices and pre-medical, digital medicine and artificial intelligence.


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