Four RUG scientists each receive 800,000 euros for research


Four researchers from the University of Groningen will receive a so-called VIDI grant from the NWO this year. The University newspaper reports this.

The NWO is an organization that funds research. The four scientists will each receive 800,000 euros to set up their own, independent line of research.

Kerstin Bunte of the Faculty of Science and Engineering wants to develop systems that link the predictive power of artificial intelligence to the explanations that computer models can provide. This can lead, for example, to individually tailored medication.

Else Starkenburg, from the same faculty, is trying to track down the oldest stars in the Milky Way to gain a better understanding of the early years of our galaxy.

David van der Linden of the arts faculty examines how France, after the religious wars of the sixteenth century, managed to restore peace, in order to gain more insight into the long-term effects of peace strategists.

Sebastiaan Mathôt of Behavioral and Social Sciences is researching to what extent we can influence our senses with our brains.


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