‘Four out of ten Belgians are not yet able to work from home’


Telework is currently not an option for 39 percent of Belgian employees. This has emerged from a study by the HR office Acerta and the Indiville research agency among 2,000 employees. Telework is logically on the rise due to the corona crisis.

Especially workers and staff with executive functions (60 percent) are unable to telecommute, says Acerta. In total, the number of homeworkers would have increased by half in the past two years as a result of the corona crisis.

Workers present on the floor

‘There will always be jobs that have to be done on the company site. Workers are the largest group who need to be physically present in the workplace for their job: as many as six in ten of them cannot perform their job elsewhere, ‘says Hannelore Van Meldert of Acerta Consult.

‘But it is also striking that teleworking is not an option for six in ten people with an administrative or executive function. We see that the group with the greatest flexibility for teleworking today is higher and middle management. ‘

The telework-office combination

According to the study, the group that currently telecommutes two or three days a week would like to keep it that way. Those who telecommute less than two days think that it may be a bit more. Those who spend more than three days in their home office prefer to come to the office more often. A combination of working at home and at the office is therefore the most attractive for the working Belgian, is the conclusion.

Source: BusinessAM


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