Former Secretary of State Snel: allowances are a factory without an ounce of human dimension


Surcharges is a ‘huge factory’, says Snel, which only involves ticking off fields in forms.

Too defensive

The Tax and Customs Administration in general was often ‘too defensive’ when it came to criticism. Yes, the tax authorities had to endure a lot, but if criticism was justified, the tax authorities had to deal with it better.

For example, the interrogation committee read a draft letter from civil servants about the actions of the Tax and Customs Administration, which Snel encouraged much more firmly in the final version.

According to the former minister, colleagues in the Benefits department did not even have the idea that they could call each other to discuss files or subjects. His predecessor Weekers painted a similar picture in his interrogation earlier this week.

He too used the word ‘factory’, which also includes old, ramshackle systems.


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