Former record holder David Attenborough quits Instagram after two months | NOW


David Attenborough, who previously set a record by amassing more than a million followers on Instagram in 4 hours and 44 minutes, is no longer active on the social medium. The biographical description on his account states that no new messages will be posted.

His previous messages can still be seen on the account A Life On Our Planet, on which the television maker and biologist shared photos and videos about climate change. Why the account is no longer active has not been disclosed.

94-year-old Attenborough decided to open an Instagram account at the end of September to draw attention to climate change. The Briton had a million followers within 4 hours and 44 minutes. Never before has anyone managed to reach so many followers so quickly. Jennifer Aniston was the record holder with five hours and sixteen minutes before that.

Last week wrote Harry Potteractor Rupert Grint holds the record to his name. He was a million followers richer within four hours and a minute. Attenborough has now grown to 6.2 million followers.


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